White Jeans Done Right

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Wearing: MATTALOU shoes, MATTALOU suede bag / 3 piece choker set, LEVIS jeans, FOREVER 21 top

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High rise jeans have been revolutionary this year. I did not understand the concept of this trend, but after finding these white levis on sale at Ross, I immediately understood how all the gals fall in love with the high waist.

If you’re like me, having a child can really change how your body once used to be and high waist jeans are that helping hand when you want to cover up that belly. The other thing is the color. White and black colors do so much for our bodies without us realizing it! Since its summer, white is the way to go, and it not only keeps your legs cool but it helps pop any color tank or blouse you have on, while accentuating your curves.

Do you guys agree or disagree?

Much Love, Karen ❤

Summer Favorite: Espadrille Sneaker

Hi everyone! I can’t explain the joy I am having right now, and that is all due to shoes! Yes I know sounds funny right, but I have been eyeing espadrille sneakers ever since the day they came out, but of course being a fashion blogger doesn’t always mean I get to keep up with the trends every time they come out. It seems ironic not to be, but in these times who isn’t on a budget?! And all of this to say that my espadrille dream came true thanks to MATTALOU!

This local boutique shop in Long Beach, CA has the most unique items you can possibly ever imagine! And their shoes, well they are love at first sight! I have found great items at affordable prices. The espadrille sneaker was no exception and I immediately had to have it. It was the perfect staple for summer. The comfiness is UNBELIEVABLE! I can literally walk for 3 hrs and not feel sore at all. The best part is that it pairs well with anything I want to wear, and its extremely stylish (of course :)).

Check out MATTALOU’S Instagram: Click Here

What do you guys think of espadrille sneakers? Would you wear them 🙂


Wearing: MATTALOU espadrille sneakers / MATTALOU pineapple clutch / MATTALOU beach hat



Much Love, Karen ❤

How To Style White Culottes



Hi there! The sun seems to be shinning brighter and hotter than ever these days, which of course means we must wear cooler clothing. I don’t know if you have heard this but culottes are perfect for summer! They not only make you look like a different person (more stylish than before) but they guarantee comfiness all day long. I know I am definitely seeing much of a difference each time I decide to wear them instead of going with my everyday jeans, and it is very worth it.

Mixing culottes with flats, espadrilles, or even sandals will make your outfit pop with style. Im pretty sure culottes go with anything and I literally mean anything! You can grab your fave tee and tie a knot at the edge, or wear a loose long sleeve and you will still look like a pro in fashion. I know I am a big fan of fashion and culottes are your summer saviors!

SHOP THE LOOK HERE:Top: Ross Dress for Less /  Culottes / Sandals:  Forever 21

Much Love, Karen ❤

Tropical Summer Wishlist

Hello loves! Monday is here and we are back at it again. I hope your monday has started off on the right note, and if not, don’t sweat it! Your day will come 🙂

I wanted to take the time to write this post because as we know, summer FINALLY started and we need to be prepared both fashion wise and budget friendly. I recently discovered, and maybe you have heard of it, SHE INSIDE. It is the most AFFORDABLE and stylish online clothing store. I have gotten a few pieces from them and it took those few items to get me hooked with wanting to buy more.

I have already started browsing through their items and found such amazing deals on tropical themed clothes! And yes, I have already started adding items to my cart as we speak (hope my hubs doesn’t check the bank account 😀 ).

Any way, below I have listed the items I think we all need to have, check it out and comment below which is your fave!

Much love, Karen ❤


she inside

CLICK HERE:    SHOP Palm Leaf Dress



CLICK HERE: Shop Bathing Suit













How To Wear A Leather Skirt




With the weekend already approaching, I am noticing how the weather is slowly climbing up the 70’s (I need 80’s! tho) and although it may not be too cold at the time, there is always a way for leather skirts to make their way in.

I have seen a bunch (more like tons) of inspirational pictures of fashion bloggers dressing in leather skirts all over instagram and pinterest.  They wear them with  different types of combinations that make them look so effortless and chic at the same time. Although I love dressing up, I have to be realistic about how being a mom makes a huge difference in my day to day wear. Nevertheless, I think doubling leather in your outfit makes the outcome look so pulled together and casual, and when sandals are added it takes the look to a whole new level.



Now I’m curious to know,  how would you style a leather skirt?


Budget Friendly Dress

Street Style Dress Outfit

Long Beach California Blogger

Short Blue Dress Outfit

Ross Dress for Less Outfits


As many of you may know, I am all about finding affordable stylish clothes. I know there can be times where we must stick to a budget, and it can be really tough—especially if you have been eyeing a not so affordable item—but getting to know the more affordable stores out there, such as ROSS , can be really easy to put a stylish outfit together.

I went to ROSS the other day in search of a nice dress. I not only found it, but I walked out with five more items lol. I could not resit a cute budget dress that retailed for up to $20! But I got it at $13, crazy right! My eyes went into shock mode at how much I had saved, and it made my day. I love going to ROSS to find various budget friendly dress’s that are stylish and affordable. Give it a try and maybe you will score a nice floral dress like the one I got :).