How To Be Street Stylish

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Having social media is a blessing now days. I say its a blessing because we can get inspiration by watching someones youtube video, or in my case, instagram. Street style has always captured my attention, especially the pictures that involve crossing the street. I find it to be my obsession and since I am on instagram, I decided to give it a try for myself.

My attempt to take a stylish picture while crossing the street at the same time was a very interesting experience.

For starters: A) Don’t try this on your own

B) Make sure you have a great outfit on (I’m talking flowy dresses, or something flared)

C) HEELS HEELS HEELS (the key to a great street style photo)

D) Take it on a not so busy street- Safety first πŸ˜€

AndΒ lastly, believe you are street style!Β 

I for sure almost fell twice, BUT i can say that its the most thrilling and spontaneous thing you can do! It gives you that confidence that makes you say “yeah I got this!”




Leather & Fringe Style

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Fringe top (ROSS) , Leather skirt (H&M) , shoes (ZARA) , sunglasses (SUNGLASSUP)

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I don’t know about you but I just love fringe and leather. At times I find myself reaching for mostly fringe, but leather has lately been on my mind. Even though the thought of leather sounds a bit horrifying in summer ( sweat comes to mind, ew) I can’t help but think of the hundred possible ways I can style a leather skirt.

Of course only leather skirts are acceptable in summer, I’m already thinking ahead for fall, but I’ll have to wait for now, but there is nothing more inspirational than fringe and leather being combined together! Yes, its like the Big Bang but in this case, the Fringe Leather Bang ;D (cheesy right! lol) Its a great mixture showing the classy and edginess of both styles in one. I have no idea what it is, but I will keep on experimenting with leather the rest of this year lol.

Now what do you guys think of this combo? Would you go for a leather skirt in summer?

Summer Style With Overalls

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ROSS DRESS FOR LESS overalls, FOREVER 21 striped shirt, MATTALOU espadrilles

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The heat just keeps heating up here in Cali and I keep seeing so many cute styles on social media! One of them is the overalls, and of course we can’t go wrong with off-the-shoulder tops. Being under budget means shopping at Ross is where I’m spending my money (most of the time, not always :/) and it has lead me to great deals and amazing outfit coordinations. And it also has lead me to realizing very important issues in fashion.

Style means being able to express how you feel, while putting great clothes on in a unique way. It does not mean you must go to the most expensive stores and try to keep up with their styles when your money is begging you to find an alternative route. We must not get dragged into the madness social media wants us to be in, but rather we must make a difference and use what we have and what we can afford. It does not make us any less than those who are lucky enough to afford those jewels. So lets keep styling our own way πŸ™‚

Much Love, Karen ❀

White Jeans Done Right

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Wearing: MATTALOU shoes, MATTALOU suede bag / 3 piece choker set, LEVIS jeans, FOREVER 21 top

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High rise jeans have been revolutionary this year. I did not understand the concept of this trend, but after finding these white levis on sale at Ross, I immediately understood how all the gals fall in love with the high waist.

If you’re like me, having a child can really change how your body once used to be and high waist jeans are that helping hand when you want to cover up that belly. The other thing is the color. White and black colors do so much for our bodies without us realizing it! Since its summer, white is the way to go, and it not only keeps your legs cool but it helps pop any color tank or blouse you have on, while accentuating your curves.

Do you guys agree or disagree?

Much Love, Karen ❀

Summer Favorite: Espadrille Sneaker

Hi everyone! I can’t explain the joy I am having right now, and that is all due to shoes! Yes I know sounds funny right, but I have been eyeing espadrille sneakers ever since the day they came out, but of course being a fashion blogger doesn’t always mean I get to keep up with the trends every time they come out. It seems ironic not to be, but in these times who isn’t on a budget?! And all of this to say that my espadrille dream came true thanks to MATTALOU!

This local boutique shop in Long Beach, CA has the most unique items you can possibly ever imagine! And their shoes, well they are love at first sight! I have found great items at affordable prices. The espadrille sneaker was no exception and I immediately had to have it. It was the perfect staple for summer. The comfiness is UNBELIEVABLE! I can literally walk for 3 hrs and not feel sore at all. The best part is that it pairs well with anything I want to wear, and its extremely stylish (of course :)).

Check out MATTALOU’S Instagram:Β Click Here

What do you guys think of espadrille sneakers? Would you wear them πŸ™‚


Wearing: MATTALOU espadrille sneakers / MATTALOU pineapple clutch / MATTALOU beach hat



Much Love, Karen ❀

A Chic Way To Wear Your Romper


Hello loves! I can not believe how fast time flies, it feels like if this weekend is going to be the 4th of July, but it already is crossed out and we are moving towards the rest of the month! One of the (many) reasons I love summer is due to off the shoulder tops, crop tops, and rompers.

Wearing rompers is the most practical and easiest way to get dressed. I know they have saved me a ton when having those “I don’t have anything to wear” moments, and at the same time they can be turned into a #streetstyle picture snapped right off the street by a photographer when worn with different tops. Bell sleeves are so on trend right now and by adding it to a romper, it goes from a 10 to 100! I can’t explain how many compliments I received by the people that would pass by. Its the easiest trick to spice up your wardrobe. What do you think?




SHOP THE LOOK:Β TARGETΒ suede romper /Β H&MΒ bell sleeve blouse

Much Love, Karen

How To Pull Off An Outfit With No Jewelry




I am very guilty of not wanting to wear accessories very often. At times I even forget to add jewelry to an outfit I’m planning on shooting, but of course as a mom it can be very tough trying to remember everything when you have 10 min to get ready and on top of that your toddler wants to eat (again!). But thankfully I have discovered 4 easy tricks that can save you much time when getting ready, and not even bother reaching into your jewelry box.

First: Pick a neutral bottom color such as white, beige, or even regular jeans

Second: Patterend blouses or striped shirts definitely will work

Third: Put on sandals with prints on them, or low heels with two toned colors

Fourth: Pick your favorite purse (or do rock paper scissors to decide)

Et Voila! You will have your outfit ready in no time and all you need is to throw on your shades. Easy right!?

SHOP THE LOOK: MAKE ME CHIC blouse / FOREVER 21 culottes / NINE WEST heels / MERONA bag

Let me know what you might add to this list or what you think about it in the comments below πŸ™‚