Leather & Fringe Style

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Fringe top (ROSS) , Leather skirt (H&M) , shoes (ZARA) , sunglasses (SUNGLASSUP)

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I don’t know about you but I just love fringe and leather. At times I find myself reaching for mostly fringe, but leather has lately been on my mind. Even though the thought of leather sounds a bit horrifying in summer ( sweat comes to mind, ew) I can’t help but think of the hundred possible ways I can style a leather skirt.

Of course only leather skirts are acceptable in summer, I’m already thinking ahead for fall, but I’ll have to wait for now, but there is nothing more inspirational than fringe and leather being combined together! Yes, its like the Big Bang but in this case, the Fringe Leather Bang ;D (cheesy right! lol) Its a great mixture showing the classy and edginess of both styles in one. I have no idea what it is, but I will keep on experimenting with leather the rest of this year lol.

Now what do you guys think of this combo? Would you go for a leather skirt in summer?

Summer Style With Overalls

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ROSS DRESS FOR LESS overalls, FOREVER 21 striped shirt, MATTALOU espadrilles

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The heat just keeps heating up here in Cali and I keep seeing so many cute styles on social media! One of them is the overalls, and of course we can’t go wrong with off-the-shoulder tops. Being under budget means shopping at Ross is where I’m spending my money (most of the time, not always :/) and it has lead me to great deals and amazing outfit coordinations. And it also has lead me to realizing very important issues in fashion.

Style means being able to express how you feel, while putting great clothes on in a unique way. It does not mean you must go to the most expensive stores and try to keep up with their styles when your money is begging you to find an alternative route. We must not get dragged into the madness social media wants us to be in, but rather we must make a difference and use what we have and what we can afford. It does not make us any less than those who are lucky enough to afford those jewels. So lets keep styling our own way πŸ™‚

Much Love, Karen ❀

White Jeans Done Right

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Wearing: MATTALOU shoes, MATTALOU suede bag / 3 piece choker set, LEVIS jeans, FOREVER 21 top

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High rise jeans have been revolutionary this year. I did not understand the concept of this trend, but after finding these white levis on sale at Ross, I immediately understood how all the gals fall in love with the high waist.

If you’re like me, having a child can really change how your body once used to be and high waist jeans are that helping hand when you want to cover up that belly. The other thing is the color. White and black colors do so much for our bodies without us realizing it! Since its summer, white is the way to go, and it not only keeps your legs cool but it helps pop any color tank or blouse you have on, while accentuating your curves.

Do you guys agree or disagree?

Much Love, Karen ❀

Leaf Print Dress: Two Ways

LOOK 1: Summer/Casual Day LookΒ 

White Tee (FOREVER21) , Slip On Dress (SHEINSIDE) , Sneaker Espadrille (MATTALOU)

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Summer is in full swing and being comfy while having a bit of breeze, thats what matters the most in this heat. Style of course comes in second. I have been obsessed with the leaf print dress (so much I need help!) and of course I needed to create a day to night look for this gorgeous slip on dress.

Hats, espadrille sneakers, and cute accessories compliment this leaf print dress so well, you will instantly be looking so stylish everyone will wonder if you are a model (literally, Im a witness to it lol). Its such a nice versatile dress that you can’t go wrong with! Im wearing a small and the price is just below $20! Its a must steal/have which will make all your friends jelly!

I hope you like the two ways I styled this dress and of course, happy friday!

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LOOK 2:Β Date/Party Night Look

Slip On Dress (SHEINSIDE) , Heels (LOLA SHOETIQUE) , Sunglasses (ZEROUV)

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Much Love, Karen ❀


How To Style White Culottes



Hi there! The sun seems to be shinning brighter and hotter than ever these days, which of course means we must wear cooler clothing. I don’t know if you have heard this but culottes are perfect for summer! They not only make you look like a different person (more stylish than before) but they guarantee comfiness all day long. I know I am definitely seeing much of a difference each time I decide to wear them instead of going with my everyday jeans, and it is very worth it.

Mixing culottes with flats, espadrilles, or even sandals will make your outfit pop with style. Im pretty sure culottes go with anything and I literally mean anything! You can grab your fave tee and tie a knot at the edge, or wear a loose long sleeve and you will still look like a pro in fashion. I know I am a big fan of fashion and culottes are your summer saviors!

SHOP THE LOOK HERE:Top: Ross Dress for Less / Β CulottesΒ / Sandals: Β Forever 21

Much Love, Karen ❀

How To Look Stylish In Low Heels

Affordable Fashion Bloggers




Monday has finally arrived and of course this means refreshing our minds with new styling ideas is a must. I have been obsessed with low heels over these past few months (they are just perfect!) and my only blame is….Zara. Oh goodness where do I even begin with this! It became the only thing on my mind due to its classy look and yes, the low inch heel. As a mom, wearing heels can only happen in our dreams, so low inch heels are extremely welcomed any time. But styling them can be tricky and it helps narrowing down what can pair well with them now that summer is approaching.

My number one tip would be to buy dark and light colored low inch heels. Navy blue, and two toned neutral colors can be easily worn with much of what we may have in our wardrobe.

WHO WHAT WEAR low heelsΒ /Β TOMMY HILFEGER shirtΒ /Β MERONA dress shorts

Tip number two: Dressing shorts/skirts , dressing pants (rolled at the ankle), and ankle cropped jeans or skinny jeans compliment the heel structure.

Tip number three: Adding casual t-shirts or knits will keep you from looking too over dresses, and will keep you feeling comfy.

I am still on the hunt for more heels (can’t get enough!)Β , but I hope these tips can come in handy the next time you shop for low inch heels πŸ™‚

Much Love, Karen ❀

How To Wear A Leather Skirt




With the weekend already approaching, I am noticing how the weather is slowly climbing up the 70’s (I need 80’s! tho) and although it may not be too cold at the time, there is always a way for leather skirts to make their way in.

I have seen a bunch (more like tons) of inspirational pictures of fashion bloggers dressing in leather skirts all over instagram and pinterest. Β They wear them with Β different types of combinations that make them look so effortless and chic at the same time. Although I love dressing up, I have to be realistic about how being a mom makes a huge difference in my day to day wear. Nevertheless, I think doubling leather in your outfit makes the outcome look so pulled together and casual, and when sandals are added it takes the look to a whole new level.



Now I’m curious to know, Β how would you style a leather skirt?