The Sporty Chic Look

I may not always wear joggers or sweats, but since the weather has been cooling down I haven’t really felt like wearing my jeans each time I go out for quick errands. So of course I had to go to

They have the most affordable and cute clothing anyone could ever ask for. It fits my budget, keeps me happy, and makes me stay stylish. I was completely in love with the jacket and jogging pants I found. They make me feel very comfy and flexible at the same time, which usually is pretty tough for me to find items that make me feel at ease, so this was definitely a win win for me!


Much love, Karen ❤


Fashion Colors of the Wind


You might have guessed the title had something to do with Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas (which is my favorite movie) and it has a significance. You see we are always caught up with trends, who wore it best, who has the best style, … yadi yada, but the true meaning I find in fashion is the colorful life you can have by playing with different vibrant textiles.

This particular set blew my socks off when I was shopping at Target. It instantly gave me that life I needed inside me. It not only goes well together, but it makes you feel at your best by wearing it. Forget fashion, I want to be wearing what makes me feel me again and again. Don’t you?

Shop this Look:

SKIRT (ONLY $5!!) /




Much Love, Karen ❤


A Touch Of Sporty Feels

When I was young (age 9-15) I went through that “tom girl” stage. I disliked getting ready. It was such a tedious thing for me to even think of, and sometimes I still feel it when it comes to doing my hair (I’m slowly getting better at it though). Those were the days of pure fun.

Sneakers were my go-to accessory. I seriously lived in vans and converse. Now that Im a mom, I still feel that tom girl inside. It literally screams inside of me when I plan on wearing heels….it obviously wants me to wear sneakers, so my instinct says why not?

So, here I created a look that not only is fashionable, but I can honestly say I would wear it out.



TOP . SHOES . BAG (Merona for TARGET)


Much Love, Karen ❤

My Experience In South Lake Tahoe


The past week was a pretty hectic week, mostly for me since I struggle with wardrobe problems and trying to plan lol, and at the same time it was an exciting adrenaline! My husband and I had been wanting to go somewhere not too far out from California to end the summer, and the first thing on our minds was Lake Tahoe.


Both my husband and I have never been to Lake Tahoe and we found it really fascinating (those instagram pictures really sold us!) how beautiful and serene it looks up there.

The road trip was definitely a long one ( 9 hours 😀 ) but since we had great company with us, we were not bored one single minute 🙂

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As soon as we touched down, we decided to go to our hotel and take a much needed nap. After wards we decided to just spend the rest of the evening walking around town and look for some nice souvenirs.  Everything was going very well…as far as we saw.

The next day we got up bright and early to go on our way towards Incline Village to see the famous Sand Harbor beach. Im telling you those pictures on Instagram really look dreamy …(sigh).


When we arrived we noticed the beach was closed due to a high amount of people wanting to get in. So we waited until it reopened. While we waited we decided to go for some snacks. Let me tell you that there is no customer service at all! The people over there talk to one as they please, and the are definitely not polite. Once the park reopened, we decided to head on back. Along the way we thought we had seen the entrance, and we went in. To our surprise, when we pulled over we were not greeted well by a lady who happened to work there. It took us by surprise the way she was speaking (which was in a very rude way!) that we felt very unwelcome and unwanted.

We decided to let it go and just enjoy our time at the beach.Let me just say that the water is so amazing and beautiful! I loved the way it changes colors from light to light aqua blue. Its definitely worth visiting.  While on the beach, we noticed plenty of people starring at us. It was a very strange feeling, but again we payed no attention to it. Then when we least expected it, a thunderstorm came along. We were forced to exit. The sad part is that I was only able to capture a few images of the beauty of Sand Harbor.

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When returning to our hotel, we saw a nice Thai restaurant and of course we decided to pull over. We made our way in and were greeted in a welcoming way. The only issue was that once we were seated, the people next to us decided that they did not want to be near us. And the ones surrounding us just starred. It was a very uncomfortable situation that we experienced but we were so glad to finally be heading home the next day.

Don’t get me wrong, Lake Tahoe is extremely beautiful. The nature is so welcoming and the weather as well, but the people are not so much.

It was indeed a very great experience for all of us, and with this we learned that we are not going back any time soon and that “home sweet home” will forever be our Long Beach, California.

I still don’t understand why we can’t all treat each other with respect?

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Have you ever been to South Lake Tahoe? If so, was your experience the same? I would love to know 🙂

Leather & Fringe Style

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Fringe top (ROSS) , Leather skirt (H&M) , shoes (ZARA) , sunglasses (SUNGLASSUP)

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I don’t know about you but I just love fringe and leather. At times I find myself reaching for mostly fringe, but leather has lately been on my mind. Even though the thought of leather sounds a bit horrifying in summer ( sweat comes to mind, ew) I can’t help but think of the hundred possible ways I can style a leather skirt.

Of course only leather skirts are acceptable in summer, I’m already thinking ahead for fall, but I’ll have to wait for now, but there is nothing more inspirational than fringe and leather being combined together! Yes, its like the Big Bang but in this case, the Fringe Leather Bang ;D (cheesy right! lol) Its a great mixture showing the classy and edginess of both styles in one. I have no idea what it is, but I will keep on experimenting with leather the rest of this year lol.

Now what do you guys think of this combo? Would you go for a leather skirt in summer?

Summer Style With Overalls

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ROSS DRESS FOR LESS overalls, FOREVER 21 striped shirt, MATTALOU espadrilles

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The heat just keeps heating up here in Cali and I keep seeing so many cute styles on social media! One of them is the overalls, and of course we can’t go wrong with off-the-shoulder tops. Being under budget means shopping at Ross is where I’m spending my money (most of the time, not always :/) and it has lead me to great deals and amazing outfit coordinations. And it also has lead me to realizing very important issues in fashion.

Style means being able to express how you feel, while putting great clothes on in a unique way. It does not mean you must go to the most expensive stores and try to keep up with their styles when your money is begging you to find an alternative route. We must not get dragged into the madness social media wants us to be in, but rather we must make a difference and use what we have and what we can afford. It does not make us any less than those who are lucky enough to afford those jewels. So lets keep styling our own way 🙂

Much Love, Karen ❤

White Jeans Done Right

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Wearing: MATTALOU shoes, MATTALOU suede bag / 3 piece choker set, LEVIS jeans, FOREVER 21 top

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High rise jeans have been revolutionary this year. I did not understand the concept of this trend, but after finding these white levis on sale at Ross, I immediately understood how all the gals fall in love with the high waist.

If you’re like me, having a child can really change how your body once used to be and high waist jeans are that helping hand when you want to cover up that belly. The other thing is the color. White and black colors do so much for our bodies without us realizing it! Since its summer, white is the way to go, and it not only keeps your legs cool but it helps pop any color tank or blouse you have on, while accentuating your curves.

Do you guys agree or disagree?

Much Love, Karen ❤