A Touch Of Sporty Feels

When I was young (age 9-15) I went through that “tom girl” stage. I disliked getting ready. It was such a tedious thing for me to even think of, and sometimes I still feel it when it comes to doing my hair (I’m slowly getting better at it though). Those were the days of pure fun.

Sneakers were my go-to accessory. I seriously lived in vans and converse. Now that Im a mom, I still feel that tom girl inside. It literally screams inside of me when I plan on wearing heels….it obviously wants me to wear sneakers, so my instinct says why not?

So, here I created a look that not only is fashionable, but I can honestly say I would wear it out.



TOP . SHOES . BAG (Merona for TARGET)


Much Love, Karen ❤


Black For Fall & Summer


Although fall has already arrived, I still can’t help but to slowly transition out of the summer phase. The weather has not been much of a help either, and yet I usually take for granted the summer nights and days. While I already want to get fall started, I know ill have those mixed feelings of being stuck between hot and cold. So….here is my mixture combined into one. And of course you can never go wrong with black right?

A touch of oxfords and scarfs make the final result look great for both summer and fall.


DSC09454 (1)-2


WHO WHAT WEAR Pajama Shirt


A Moment Of Fashion Silence

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So much has been going on these past couple of days. With Mexico being hit with a horrible earthquake on Tuesday, I can not help but to feel deeply and immensely sad. Not because my family is from there but because I feel for those who have lost everything, lost their families, lost their loved ones, be it animals, neighbors, colleagues, etc. No one was ready for this tragedy, and actually no one ever is.

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In these moments all I can think of is of the ways I can help. Donating and praying is what everyone needs at this moment, even if its a little bit. Fashion can wait. Its what you feel in your heart that matters the most. Sure the world and life goes on, but we can not ignore those who are in need. For now, positive thoughts and prayers are what I will be doing. With a smile on my face because I know Mexico will get back up, not forgetting, but pushing forward. Fashion goes on no matter what, but Im deciding to pause and be silent. The well being of others is far more important.

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Much Love, Karen ❤

Why Culottes Are My Best Weapon


Culottes have this je ne sais quoi feel to them. I cannot explain how many times they have saved me from not knowing what to wear to pairing them with such a stylish top, thus equaling to a super chic stylish outfit. They are literally life savers (in my fashion world of course). These cute ones I was able to find at Forever 21 for such an amazing low price!



No matter how often I decide to wear them, they are the only piece of clothing I have no problem repeating. It makes me feel like if I am rocking any type of shoes or top whenever I have them on. Although they are the best, I think I need more in different colors. A girl can never have too many culottes, right? 🙂


Flower tank top / Culottes

Much Love, Karen ❤

Two Sides


While it may be true that a true human can exist, it does not mean that most can do it. This dress reminded me of the importance of all human beings. No one is perfect and we all have two sides.

Our two sides obviously reflect the good and dark side of our nature. I don’t know about you but I personally am sick and tired of being criticized. We all are different and it is okay to admit it and accept it. But one thing we must realize is that without our two sides, we would not be who we are (and we would also be in heaven) which means no PERFECT human beings are on this earth. So enjoy your two sides because that’s what makes YOU. All of course, with precaution. ☺️

Dress , Boots , Bag Nine West

Much Love, Karen ❤

Turning Dresses into Shirts

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Monday calls for a new wardrobe check. My closet has not been getting any updates recently so a girls gotta so what a girls gotta do lol. That means getting super creative, which is the beauty of fashion. Certain dresses that are not so lengthy are a big plus in my book because it means they can double as tank tops. And with the hot weather staying until September, finding ways to reuse my clothes is on my list. Adding high heels is the glam finishing touch.

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Much Love, Karen ❤

The Modern Gladiator

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Im not trying to be all feminist here and say that women are better than men, but women do deserve a ton of credit when it comes to fighting. Being a mom, I can see everything my mom and my grandma and all moms and non moms out there have had to go through, and yet still little to no credit is given to them.

Women are the rock of all families. When everything else seems to be falling apart, there we are, going to the rescue. But why not go to the rescue for ourselves?

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While putting together this outfit I stopped and realized that although those gladiator days are over, we still have our battles to fight. And what better way to fight them than by looking stylish? I believe we all deserve to feel at our best, even when we are at our worst.

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Dress up today, tomorrow, and the day after that because you are the modern gladiator ready to fight your problems one stylish outfit at a time 🙂

Much love, Karen ❤

 Sandals , Ross skirt , Faux leather bag