How To Be Street Stylish

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Having social media is a blessing now days. I say its a blessing because we can get inspiration by watching someones youtube video, or in my case, instagram. Street style has always captured my attention, especially the pictures that involve crossing the street. I find it to be my obsession and since I am on instagram, I decided to give it a try for myself.

My attempt to take a stylish picture while crossing the street at the same time was a very interesting experience.

For starters: A) Don’t try this on your own

B) Make sure you have a great outfit on (I’m talking flowy dresses, or something flared)

C) HEELS HEELS HEELS (the key to a great street style photo)

D) Take it on a not so busy street- Safety first πŸ˜€

AndΒ lastly, believe you are street style!Β 

I for sure almost fell twice, BUT i can say that its the most thrilling and spontaneous thing you can do! It gives you that confidence that makes you say “yeah I got this!”




A Chic Way To Wear Your Romper


Hello loves! I can not believe how fast time flies, it feels like if this weekend is going to be the 4th of July, but it already is crossed out and we are moving towards the rest of the month! One of the (many) reasons I love summer is due to off the shoulder tops, crop tops, and rompers.

Wearing rompers is the most practical and easiest way to get dressed. I know they have saved me a ton when having those “I don’t have anything to wear” moments, and at the same time they can be turned into a #streetstyle picture snapped right off the street by a photographer when worn with different tops. Bell sleeves are so on trend right now and by adding it to a romper, it goes from a 10 to 100! I can’t explain how many compliments I received by the people that would pass by. Its the easiest trick to spice up your wardrobe. What do you think?




SHOP THE LOOK:Β TARGETΒ suede romper /Β H&MΒ bell sleeve blouse

Much Love, Karen

Romantic Summer Dress

After having the stomach flu all last week (I’ve survived!) let me say I am so happy to be back on track. It feels great getting some new content shot and done. But, one thing I am for sure happy about is the fact that summer is finally here! I am a big sucker for beaches, swimsuits, and of course long romantic summer nights.

I have noticed many bloggers posting about their go-to swimsuits that I decided to post my go-to romantic summer dress. It is no surprise that in summer white is a big deal, (sunburns are no fun) which helps keep us cool, but at times it can get boring wearing all white. Dresses for summer usually call for flowers and prints, but this off-the-shoulder dress not only does it have polka dots, it has an A line cut off meaning we can show our legs some love as well!

Let me know what you think of this dress πŸ™‚

Wearing: SHE IN polka dot dress (similar)

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Romantic White Dresses

Much love, Karen

Velvety Feeling

Green velvet dress outfit



Velvet Streetstyle

Okay, who is guilty of following fashion trends? (raising my hand, its cool if you are too lol) I sometimes can’t hold back on following the trend, but only if it actually screams my name (not literally) in a way that says I can pull it off. So, with that said I was pulled into the velvet dress trend. I could not stay away from getting one because I have always been a big fan of the velvet texture. And, the fact that there are multiple colors that actually go with you no matter your skin color, thats amazing. I love finding affordable clothes, and this dress was not an exception. The only con I see is that it is backless, and a wee bit high on the thigh. But don’t let that stop you from wearing what you want, its just my personal preference.



Much Love,

Karen ❀

Dress Layering



She In Polka Dot Dress

Hello everyone! Ok, I know what many of you may be thinking, how can she be wearing that chunky sweater in a 90 degree weather!? Well, I of course shot this during sunset, but it still was hot, any who I wanted to do this post to show how we can start layering dresses for fall/winter. It may seem as if fall or even winter might not come at all to Cali, but it doesn’t hurt to try and mix different textures. I specifically love this dress due to its simplicity, yet edgy look (and the price is unbeatable!). If you want to see the complete dress, click here. I chose a chunky grey sweater because well it’s the only one I have, but it does compliment it very well. I found that by layering the dress with a sweater, I felt more comfy and warm (more than what I wanted to be at the time lol). What do you guy’s think of this layering?



Much Love,

Karen ❀

Sweater Dress Weather



It starting to become sweater weather here in Cali, but then again its not, so its very confusing. Any who, I will pretend like the weather will stay as it is right now, which is really dark and cloudy. Of course this calls for some good sweater dresses, and I just so happened to find the perfect one at Ross Dress for Less this past weekend. I was just browsing the dress section when I saw it on the four-way (which is where they put the same style in different sizes, so lucky us!) and I immediately gravitated towards it. I always check to see if the material will feel sticky or scratchy on the inside, and if it does I won’t take it, no matter how cute it is. Luckily for me, it was super soft inside. I love the way it makes you feel warm and doesn’t accentuate much of your body, which is good if you are a tad bit insecure about certain areas. But, overall I was very pleased with it and will probably keep mixing it up in my wardrobe, we’ll see what I come up with next, but until then I suggest you go get your hands on this one because its a true keeper!


ALTERNATIVES:Β American Eagle Outfitters,Β RSVP,Β Mauve Black Stripe,Β Forever 21 Heels


Much Love,

Karen ❀