Summer Favorite: Espadrille Sneaker

Hi everyone! I can’t explain the joy I am having right now, and that is all due to shoes! Yes I know sounds funny right, but I have been eyeing espadrille sneakers ever since the day they came out, but of course being a fashion blogger doesn’t always mean I get to keep up with the trends every time they come out. It seems ironic not to be, but in these times who isn’t on a budget?! And all of this to say that my espadrille dream came true thanks to MATTALOU!

This local boutique shop in Long Beach, CA has the most unique items you can possibly ever imagine! And their shoes, well they are love at first sight! I have found great items at affordable prices. The espadrille sneaker was no exception and I immediately had to have it. It was the perfect staple for summer. The comfiness is UNBELIEVABLE! I can literally walk for 3 hrs and not feel sore at all. The best part is that it pairs well with anything I want to wear, and its extremely stylish (of course :)).

Check out MATTALOU’S Instagram: Click Here

What do you guys think of espadrille sneakers? Would you wear them 🙂


Wearing: MATTALOU espadrille sneakers / MATTALOU pineapple clutch / MATTALOU beach hat



Much Love, Karen ❤


How To Pull Off An Outfit With No Jewelry




I am very guilty of not wanting to wear accessories very often. At times I even forget to add jewelry to an outfit I’m planning on shooting, but of course as a mom it can be very tough trying to remember everything when you have 10 min to get ready and on top of that your toddler wants to eat (again!). But thankfully I have discovered 4 easy tricks that can save you much time when getting ready, and not even bother reaching into your jewelry box.

First: Pick a neutral bottom color such as white, beige, or even regular jeans

Second: Patterend blouses or striped shirts definitely will work

Third: Put on sandals with prints on them, or low heels with two toned colors

Fourth: Pick your favorite purse (or do rock paper scissors to decide)

Et Voila! You will have your outfit ready in no time and all you need is to throw on your shades. Easy right!?

SHOP THE LOOK: MAKE ME CHIC blouse / FOREVER 21 culottes / NINE WEST heels / MERONA bag

Let me know what you might add to this list or what you think about it in the comments below 🙂

Tropical Summer Wishlist

Hello loves! Monday is here and we are back at it again. I hope your monday has started off on the right note, and if not, don’t sweat it! Your day will come 🙂

I wanted to take the time to write this post because as we know, summer FINALLY started and we need to be prepared both fashion wise and budget friendly. I recently discovered, and maybe you have heard of it, SHE INSIDE. It is the most AFFORDABLE and stylish online clothing store. I have gotten a few pieces from them and it took those few items to get me hooked with wanting to buy more.

I have already started browsing through their items and found such amazing deals on tropical themed clothes! And yes, I have already started adding items to my cart as we speak (hope my hubs doesn’t check the bank account 😀 ).

Any way, below I have listed the items I think we all need to have, check it out and comment below which is your fave!

Much love, Karen ❤


she inside

CLICK HERE:    SHOP Palm Leaf Dress



CLICK HERE: Shop Bathing Suit













Casually Stylish




FOREVER 21 off the shoulder top,  LEVIS STEVE MADDEN suede heels,  NORDSTROM jewelry, MERONA FOR TARGET bucket bag

I have deep love for denim, and I quite often wear the same ones repeatedly. I know we must have denim at all times (especially us moms) to prevent those unexpected stains from being noticeable, but that does not mean we have to wear the classic t-shirt with sneakers, which is fine don’t get me wrong, but adding some accessories does some big difference. Accessories really accentuate whatever top you have on giving it a casual vibe along with the jeans (ripped ones are my fave!). So don’t be shy and bring out those long long stored jewelry (yes, they need some love too) necklaces, rings, earrings, even watches.

Much Love, Karen ❤

A Twist On Slacks




A lot of times many people see slacks as a strict uniform for work. I, on the other hand think it’s the best way to be comfortable while wearing slacks in a casual way. So, since I grabbed these amazing and SUPER affordable slacks at H&M, I got into the nice and fresh spring mood and decided to pair them up with platform sandals.  basic t-shirt, really any, will do the trick of making it all come together.By the way, how cute is the bucket bag! I literally melted when I saw it lol. I think ill keep on experimenting more classy looks with it, maybe a 3 looks in one? what do you think?


H&M slacks // FOREVER 21 sandals // MERONA FOR TARGET mini bucket bag

Much Love,

Karen ❤

Work Camel Tones

Who What Wear Turtleneck Sweater

stylish city mom blog

stylish city mom


When it comes to work, our attire can become a routine, and maybe for some there aren’t many possibilities of dressing up, but for those who can, simplicity can help a ton. Since we are still in winter, I thought why not play mix and semi match.Of course wearing slacks and dressing shirts is a must in some cases, but why not try and add a turtleneck to your list. Its simple and it can help you out on those days when you just can’t deal with the world (we all have those days). But pairing it with low heels or high heels can really spice your look up without having to focus much on the top portion. Best of all, you will be nice and warm 🙂


Who What Wear turtleneck from target// H&M slacks// Zara low heels// She In green aviators

Much Love,

Karen ❤


Lookin For Spring

Floral jacket


Wow where does time go! Its already 2017 and I’m barley writing my first blog post lol. 2016 sure was filled with a lot of surprises, but I’m really looking forward for this year, and of course spring. I know we all were excited for winter when it was fall, but now I’m really looking forward to the floral textures and the rising of the temperatures, so I of course am already whipping out my springiest jacket I have to get into the spirit (and to make me forget it’s freezing cold).


Shein jacket / Shein bell sleeve shirt / Zara low heels

Much Love,

Karen ❤