New Desires

After taking time off for a much needed “me time”, I learned that I should do that more often (okay, maybe not every week) but in doing so it allows me to discover and imput new things that I probably would have never thought of, or even pictured myself wearing into my everyday life. This of course leads me to sports bras.


Now I personally have always had a great body, that obviously was before I got pregnant,  and to be super honest….I had been avoiding wearing anything that could possibly show my stomach. Even the tiniest peekaboo, I would pass on it. It never occurred to me that after being a mom I was not going to be myself again (body wise). I tried a ton of ways to lose my flabby belly skin. I even got to the point were I was willing to take pills in order to lose my fatness. And it turned out to be the greatest thing that I could have stumbled upon.


I learned that being a mom does not mean that you are restricted from wearing certain things. We (moms) are the rocks of our families, and sure we may never have some alone time ever again, but that is the beauty of motherhood. And since we always put ourselves last, in fashion we should put ourselves first! Respecting and learning to love our bodies is worth more than any  materialistic object. So go ahead and wear your favorite sports bra with your office blazer or coat! Our bodies deserve to be flaunted ❤


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Much Love, Karen ❤




Fashion Colors of the Wind


You might have guessed the title had something to do with Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas (which is my favorite movie) and it has a significance. You see we are always caught up with trends, who wore it best, who has the best style, … yadi yada, but the true meaning I find in fashion is the colorful life you can have by playing with different vibrant textiles.

This particular set blew my socks off when I was shopping at Target. It instantly gave me that life I needed inside me. It not only goes well together, but it makes you feel at your best by wearing it. Forget fashion, I want to be wearing what makes me feel me again and again. Don’t you?

Shop this Look:

SKIRT (ONLY $5!!) /




Much Love, Karen ❤


A Touch Of Sporty Feels

When I was young (age 9-15) I went through that “tom girl” stage. I disliked getting ready. It was such a tedious thing for me to even think of, and sometimes I still feel it when it comes to doing my hair (I’m slowly getting better at it though). Those were the days of pure fun.

Sneakers were my go-to accessory. I seriously lived in vans and converse. Now that Im a mom, I still feel that tom girl inside. It literally screams inside of me when I plan on wearing heels….it obviously wants me to wear sneakers, so my instinct says why not?

So, here I created a look that not only is fashionable, but I can honestly say I would wear it out.



TOP . SHOES . BAG (Merona for TARGET)


Much Love, Karen ❤

Let The Layering Begin


I know everyone says it. You are probably tired of hearing it, but I can’t believe its finally October! Crazy right! (you’re like um.. not really) Anyways, the weather is still a bit so so, and you can start to feel the freshness hit quite a bit. I was actually pretty cozy in this outfit, since we shot this in the mid afternoon. This layering experiment worked out quite well.

The idea of layering has always been thought of and seen as working with only sweaters. I on the other hand think it is time to step it up a bit. Mixing all sorts of long sleeves with summer dresses, or lacey maxis is going to pretty much explode all over social media in less than we know.

Jackets are another great way to layer this look with, but I opted for a blazer because I don’t think they get enough credit. Even though I may not work at an office, that doesn’t mean I should strictly stick to using blazers for special events, they need to have some fun too 🙂




What do you loves think of this outfit?

Much Love, Karen ❤

Black For Fall & Summer


Although fall has already arrived, I still can’t help but to slowly transition out of the summer phase. The weather has not been much of a help either, and yet I usually take for granted the summer nights and days. While I already want to get fall started, I know ill have those mixed feelings of being stuck between hot and cold. So….here is my mixture combined into one. And of course you can never go wrong with black right?

A touch of oxfords and scarfs make the final result look great for both summer and fall.


DSC09454 (1)-2


WHO WHAT WEAR Pajama Shirt


A Moment Of Fashion Silence

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So much has been going on these past couple of days. With Mexico being hit with a horrible earthquake on Tuesday, I can not help but to feel deeply and immensely sad. Not because my family is from there but because I feel for those who have lost everything, lost their families, lost their loved ones, be it animals, neighbors, colleagues, etc. No one was ready for this tragedy, and actually no one ever is.

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In these moments all I can think of is of the ways I can help. Donating and praying is what everyone needs at this moment, even if its a little bit. Fashion can wait. Its what you feel in your heart that matters the most. Sure the world and life goes on, but we can not ignore those who are in need. For now, positive thoughts and prayers are what I will be doing. With a smile on my face because I know Mexico will get back up, not forgetting, but pushing forward. Fashion goes on no matter what, but Im deciding to pause and be silent. The well being of others is far more important.

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Much Love, Karen ❤

Target Does It Again

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Color has been hitting me hard lately. It has given me an uplift in a way that is helping me see life in a more exquisite way. Sure, what do I know about life, but Ill tell you that I know far enough to say that each minute spent with your loved ones is far more important than whatever you’re stressing about right now. And yes, bills are important but there is more to life than bills. Anyway, enough about that, lets take a moment to admire the beauty of this colorful striped skirt.

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Target sure did do it again! I mean I just sit and stare at my skirt when I feel like I lack inspiration in my life, and boy does it give me life. I just knew I had to have it the second I bumped into it. It’s also great because you can pair it with whatever your heart desires. I used to see life pitch dark two years ago, but ever since then Ive learned that a little color never hurts.

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Much Love, Karen ❤

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