Why Culottes Are My Best Weapon


Culottes have this je ne sais quoi feel to them. I cannot explain how many times they have saved me from not knowing what to wear to pairing them with such a stylish top, thus equaling to a super chic stylish outfit. They are literally life savers (in my fashion world of course). These cute ones I was able to find at Forever 21 for such an amazing low price!



No matter how often I decide to wear them, they are the only piece of clothing I have no problem repeating. It makes me feel like if I am rocking any type of shoes or top whenever I have them on. Although they are the best, I think I need more in different colors. A girl can never have too many culottes, right? 🙂


Flower tank top / Culottes

Much Love, Karen ❤


Two Sides


While it may be true that a true human can exist, it does not mean that most can do it. This dress reminded me of the importance of all human beings. No one is perfect and we all have two sides.

Our two sides obviously reflect the good and dark side of our nature. I don’t know about you but I personally am sick and tired of being criticized. We all are different and it is okay to admit it and accept it. But one thing we must realize is that without our two sides, we would not be who we are (and we would also be in heaven) which means no PERFECT human beings are on this earth. So enjoy your two sides because that’s what makes YOU. All of course, with precaution. ☺️

Dress , Boots , Bag Nine West

Much Love, Karen ❤

Turning Dresses into Shirts

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Monday calls for a new wardrobe check. My closet has not been getting any updates recently so a girls gotta so what a girls gotta do lol. That means getting super creative, which is the beauty of fashion. Certain dresses that are not so lengthy are a big plus in my book because it means they can double as tank tops. And with the hot weather staying until September, finding ways to reuse my clothes is on my list. Adding high heels is the glam finishing touch.

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Much Love, Karen ❤

The Modern Gladiator

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Im not trying to be all feminist here and say that women are better than men, but women do deserve a ton of credit when it comes to fighting. Being a mom, I can see everything my mom and my grandma and all moms and non moms out there have had to go through, and yet still little to no credit is given to them.

Women are the rock of all families. When everything else seems to be falling apart, there we are, going to the rescue. But why not go to the rescue for ourselves?

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While putting together this outfit I stopped and realized that although those gladiator days are over, we still have our battles to fight. And what better way to fight them than by looking stylish? I believe we all deserve to feel at our best, even when we are at our worst.

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Dress up today, tomorrow, and the day after that because you are the modern gladiator ready to fight your problems one stylish outfit at a time 🙂

Much love, Karen ❤

 Sandals , Ross skirt , Faux leather bag

A pop of Orange Fringe


We all have certain colors that we love and we also have colors that we want to avoid as much as possible. In my case, I am a big fan of red, green, and mint. I used to always stay away from really bright colors because I tanned so easily (and still do) that my colors were basically showing more than I was. And while being tanned can be a gorgeous gift, it can also be a burden.


I decided to put away that burden and turned it into a gift. The gift of flaunting my glowy bronzed skin. Which has let me be confident enough to wear bold bright colors, such as this bright orange fringe vest. Its my fav color at the moment. I plan on wearing bright pink next. lol jk , maybe not just yet.


Much love, Karen ❤

ROSS orange vest , faux leather skirt , MERONA bucket bag

Sneaker Time



Sneakers are my second obsession, my first are bags. I don’t mind wearing heels every now and then but lets face it, who actually has the time and energy to wear heels every single day? (okay, maybe the new york city gals). There is just a calm feeling that comes to me whenever I put on my sneakers and I know there will be certain outfits that won’t really go with sneakers, BUT,  that does not stop me from buying more (my hubs is probably tired of me buying a ton 😀 sorry not sorry).

Vans are for sure my go-to favorite sneakers to buy. Although I am trying to incorporate different brands, vans holds a huge place in my sneaker heart.

With this summers heat I do hesitate wearing my sneakers because well heat does not go well with feet right? lol, but I slowly am trying it out. Fall will for sure be my chance to go all out. Until then, I will be waiting under this palm tree with my sneaks for fall to arrive 🙂


Much Love, Karen ❤

NAKD skirt / VANS high tops /  Ross pink floyd shirt / ZERO UV marblesunglasses 

My Experience In South Lake Tahoe


The past week was a pretty hectic week, mostly for me since I struggle with wardrobe problems and trying to plan lol, and at the same time it was an exciting adrenaline! My husband and I had been wanting to go somewhere not too far out from California to end the summer, and the first thing on our minds was Lake Tahoe.


Both my husband and I have never been to Lake Tahoe and we found it really fascinating (those instagram pictures really sold us!) how beautiful and serene it looks up there.

The road trip was definitely a long one ( 9 hours 😀 ) but since we had great company with us, we were not bored one single minute 🙂

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As soon as we touched down, we decided to go to our hotel and take a much needed nap. After wards we decided to just spend the rest of the evening walking around town and look for some nice souvenirs.  Everything was going very well…as far as we saw.

The next day we got up bright and early to go on our way towards Incline Village to see the famous Sand Harbor beach. Im telling you those pictures on Instagram really look dreamy …(sigh).


When we arrived we noticed the beach was closed due to a high amount of people wanting to get in. So we waited until it reopened. While we waited we decided to go for some snacks. Let me tell you that there is no customer service at all! The people over there talk to one as they please, and the are definitely not polite. Once the park reopened, we decided to head on back. Along the way we thought we had seen the entrance, and we went in. To our surprise, when we pulled over we were not greeted well by a lady who happened to work there. It took us by surprise the way she was speaking (which was in a very rude way!) that we felt very unwelcome and unwanted.

We decided to let it go and just enjoy our time at the beach.Let me just say that the water is so amazing and beautiful! I loved the way it changes colors from light to light aqua blue. Its definitely worth visiting.  While on the beach, we noticed plenty of people starring at us. It was a very strange feeling, but again we payed no attention to it. Then when we least expected it, a thunderstorm came along. We were forced to exit. The sad part is that I was only able to capture a few images of the beauty of Sand Harbor.

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When returning to our hotel, we saw a nice Thai restaurant and of course we decided to pull over. We made our way in and were greeted in a welcoming way. The only issue was that once we were seated, the people next to us decided that they did not want to be near us. And the ones surrounding us just starred. It was a very uncomfortable situation that we experienced but we were so glad to finally be heading home the next day.

Don’t get me wrong, Lake Tahoe is extremely beautiful. The nature is so welcoming and the weather as well, but the people are not so much.

It was indeed a very great experience for all of us, and with this we learned that we are not going back any time soon and that “home sweet home” will forever be our Long Beach, California.

I still don’t understand why we can’t all treat each other with respect?

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Have you ever been to South Lake Tahoe? If so, was your experience the same? I would love to know 🙂