Skin Care Time With ALOETTE

Aloe Vera has been known to be the best ingredient in achieving perfect and flawless skin. ALOETTE is known for their natural base product, Aloe Vera. Making the skin feel nourished and refreshed each time. I have been so intrigued lately, since I see my mom buy it daily, that I decied it was time to pay attention to my skin. I am aware that prepping the skin is essential in the long run, and I have been noticing that my skin needed a little TLC, but in this case it needed some Aloe Vera. So with out doubting, I can say that I have found the products I will probably return to each time after they run out.

Keeping scrolling to see my review on each of these ALOETTE products.

1.MUDDY UP Deep Cleansing MUD Masque



I absolutely adore this mask! I love how it is formulated with cucumber extract and salicylic acid. Thats the part I found so interesting! Since I have oily skin, its definitely a win for my skin. I really liked how it quickly grabs onto your skin and starts to work instantly, removing dirt, oil, and the appearance of my pores are reduced.

The feeling afterwards is a smooth matte finish. I will for sure keep on doing this mask twice a week.




This hydrating mist claims to leave you glowing and giving you a healthy looking complexion look. I must say, it totally does! I tried it once, and it only took that once to be convinced when I looked in the mirror. Its so cool how the mist has vitamins A, E, and C, giving your skin that drink it needs. You can literally spray it everywhere on your body, and over your makeup, I mean its the quickest thing to do in the morning to achieve that glowy look.

TIP: spray it only 3x on your face , other wise you might get that sticky feeling if sprayed too many times.


3.INTESTIY STRETCH Lash-Lengthening Mascara


Now this mascara, it already comes angled so its quite easy and quick to get all the lashes done fast. I am amazed at the fact that its formula is made of vitamin B5, rose water, jojoba and roseship seed oil.  I love how much length it gives to my lashes, its a great source of vitamins for the lashes.

TIP: If you have straight long lashes, steer away from this mascara. If you have natural curly lashes, by all means, go for it 🙂



DISCLAIMER: These products were sent to me for a review. All opinions of the brand/products are my own.


Top Skin Care Products To Try

Skin Care Products

Skin Care Cream To Try

Top Skin Care Products To Try

Top Skin Care Products To Try

Top Skin Care Products

I have struggled with acne and hyper pigmentation since I was in high school, and I never really thought about targeting those areas that really needed my help for good. Don’t get me wrong, I disliked having acne during high school and would try different skin care products out there, but none seemed to do the trick. Since I was young I  automatically assumed that getting into my 20’s everything would be magically solved and I would have perfect skin—yeah right, but once I gave birth to my son I knew I had to do something about my skin. So, since then I have been trying different products here and there, and I can finally say that I have found my top skin care products for you to try, along with some tips.

Never Pop Your Pimple

It may sound crazy and you might be saying how in the world am I not going to touch it if it’s right in my face. Well, all those articles that say poping your pimple can lead to permanent scarring are true. I am a witness to that and let me tell you I really regret doing that to my pimples. Since I no longer do that, once I do feel a pimple trying to surface I immediately apply E.l.f Acne Spot Treatment . It’s a life saver when it comes to getting rid of a pimple, no joke it’s gone the next day!

Kate Sommerville Is THE Best

I had been hearing wonders about her skin care line and decided to give it a try. I wanted to get rid of some scars and hyper pigmentation, so I went with her D-Scar Diminishing Serum, which I has saved my scaring life! In just 8 weeks I have seen great results, and my hyper pigmentation has slowly but surely faded away. I can’t live without it!

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

Exfoliating my skin has never felt so good. I can see how soft my skin turns after I scrub during the week. Scrubbing takes away all that nasty dead skin that stays laying around, and almost feels like a peel, but for $3 St. Ives Apricot Scrub is the master of fresh looking skin. I make sure to scrub 3x a week so that I don’t over dry my skin. I also recommend using it while you shower, its a time saver.

These skin care products are great when used combined, but they can also be used individually for those who don’t suffer from acne but want to target other areas. I am absolutely in love with the fact that I did not have to waste $100 dollars on super expensive skin care products, which maybe might not have worked, but it’s always good to be on the look out for affordable alternatives. I hope you give these a try and let me know how they worked on you!

Much Love,

Karen ❤