Summer Style With Overalls

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ROSS DRESS FOR LESS overalls, FOREVER 21 striped shirt, MATTALOU espadrilles

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Processed with VSCO with e3 preset

The heat just keeps heating up here in Cali and I keep seeing so many cute styles on social media! One of them is the overalls, and of course we can’t go wrong with off-the-shoulder tops. Being under budget means shopping at Ross is where I’m spending my money (most of the time, not always :/) and it has lead me to great deals and amazing outfit coordinations. And it also has lead me to realizing very important issues in fashion.

Style means being able to express how you feel, while putting great clothes on in a unique way. It does not mean you must go to the most expensive stores and try to keep up with their styles when your money is begging you to find an alternative route. We must not get dragged into the madness social media wants us to be in, but rather we must make a difference and use what we have and what we can afford. It does not make us any less than those who are lucky enough to afford those jewels. So lets keep styling our own way 🙂

Much Love, Karen ❤


5 thoughts on “Summer Style With Overalls

  1. I love your overall message. I didn’t mean to make a pun, but I’ll leave that sentence there! Lol. It’s true though, I don’t have tons of money to spend on outfits, but you can buy things that are less expensive that you feel great in. Such a fabulous outfit! 💓

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