How To Look Stylish In Low Heels




Monday has finally arrived and of course this means refreshing our minds with new styling ideas is a must. I have been obsessed with low heels over these past few months (they are just perfect!) and my only blame is….Zara. Oh goodness where do I even begin with this! It became the only thing on my mind due to its classy look and yes, the low inch heel. As a mom, wearing heels can only happen in our dreams, so low inch heels are extremely welcomed any time. But styling them can be tricky and it helps narrowing down what can pair well with them now that summer is approaching.

My number one tip would be to buy dark and light colored low inch heels. Navy blue, and two toned neutral colors can be easily worn with much of what we may have in our wardrobe.

WHO WHAT WEAR low heels / TOMMY HILFEGER shirt / MERONA dress shorts

Tip number two: Dressing shorts/skirts , dressing pants (rolled at the ankle), and ankle cropped jeans or skinny jeans compliment the heel structure.

Tip number three: Adding casual t-shirts or knits will keep you from looking too over dresses, and will keep you feeling comfy.

I am still on the hunt for more heels (can’t get enough!) , but I hope these tips can come in handy the next time you shop for low inch heels 🙂

Much Love, Karen ❤


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