My Idea of Street Style



I have always been obsessed with street style since I got my hands on Pinterest. It’s like an addiction (a good one!) that makes me want to search for more, and pin like a whole bunch of outfit ideas that I would like to try. Of course this has me hooked, and instead of actually trying them, I just post pone them. Recently I decided to give it a try, it looks so easy to pull off but its actually hard as heck! So with that said I went to my closet and starred for a good 20 minutes. I could literally feel the stress starting from my waist up to my shoulders. The thing I struggle with is trying not to copy those girls, and instead do my own thing, but each time I tried to look at the pins, I would freeze and what I really was struggling with became my answer.

I could not understand why I would stress over the fact that I was not wanting to look exactly like them, but I did want to look like them (I know it makes no sense) and that led me to realize that although I was a big fan of street style, I had to show my type of street style. Being a mom, it can get tough, and a big relief is dressing up for me. So no matter what person you may be, mom, teen, student, you can do street style, but in your own way or better yet, wearing what makes you comfortable but with a chic twist.


Mango bag / MADEWELL pink tee / Alternative Blue Heel – STEVE MADDEN blue heel  / Wrap dress

Much Love, Karen ❤


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