Better With Heels



Do you find yourself, at times, struggling when picking out an outfit and want to avoid repeating? Yeah, thats where I’m at right about now….Im just on a brain freeze, clearly trying to get my brain to function properly again (and with more creativity). I think one of the things that has been throwing me off is the weather, its not being itself in May, and that creates a big problem for me to the point where I just want to snuggle up and not even go out. But! I have found the solution to every outfit is…heels! Yes big shocker (jk not really) at least for me. Nothing says you have it all put together like a pair of sexy and elegant heels.

Trust me Ive done the experiment for you and I can conquer with all the other bloggers that say the same thing. Heels make a simple outfit either look elegant or sexy 🙂

Try it out!

Much Love, Karen ❤

H&M sweater (similar)AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS jeans (similar)LOLA SHOETIQUE heels (similar)FOREVER 21 hat


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