Mixture of Feelings



After watching the first few episodes of GIRLBOSS on netflix, I can assure you I am on board with the way Sophia was feeling. I can’t help but connect so much with her, especially because when we are young we want to feel great and confident about ourselves while at the same time doing what we love, which is being creative. The other part that also sinked in was (I hope my dad doesn’t take this hard) when she mentioned that she’s trying to get a hold of her life and trying to adult, but she has finally found what she loves doing and yet doesn’t feel satisfied because she knows her dad will find a way to destroy what she is doing, and by that I mean saying its not worth it, or that it won’t get her anywhere.

This is me right now. I am a mom, yes, but I still am trying to figure out what I should do. There are times when I find myself stressing about why I don’t have many followers,or how can I generate income so my dad will approve of what I do. Its really stressful and all I wish I could get is a good job! or keep it up, unfortunately I get other things such as what are you doing with your life, and who do you want to be. My only answer is,  I am trying to be me, and do what I love. The stress is real, but I thought I’d share because I may not be the only one out there feeling this way. But until then, I will continue pursuing and doing what I love best.

Much Love, Karen ❤


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