Dress on Top of Jeans



Wearing: SHEIN dress, LEVIS jeans, LOLASHOETIQUE heels, MERONA bucket bag

Okay so its Monday and of course I’m ready to try out something new. I know we are not exactly at that point where its humid and hot outside, but as I stare at my closet filled with those oh so pretty off-the-shoulder dresses, I can’t help but to think about how I can manage to wear them without it being so dressy. Does it make sense? Well my initial thought was to wear them with a sweater, and of course I hesitated because don’t we all do that (its so comfy tho). To top it off, I realized I needed to go shopping for sweaters anyway, so that was out of the box, and then I thought why not layer it on top of jeans. Its very simple and yet so sophisticated at the same time. Adding a pair of heels (I really wanted sneakers) gives it that cherry on the top. So now my Monday is complete and I can go relax…jk I need to do loads of laundry 😦 but I sure will do it in style.


Much Love, Karen ❤


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