Layering in March




WEARING: H&M sweater  / FOREVER 21 dress vest / FOREVER 21 beret  / TOMMY HILFIGER bag & pants /  LOLA SHOETIQUE heels

Okay I know that you might be saying its march and spring is right around the corner so why do a post on layering? Well, the weather here in LA is crazy and I mean its hot one day and the next its dark and gloomy with wind blowing you away. So, since the weather is not deciding what it wants to be, I thought I could do a post on layering an off the shoulder sweater with a dress vest, while still making it look chic and comfy. Of course I had to put on a beret because it just went with it, and why not make it look like I’m half french, (jk lol) but you get the idea. I hope you try it out wherever you may be, and if you are in cold climate weather, even better!

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Much Love, Karen ❤


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