Pink Suede




I am all about finding affordable gems, and let me tell you that these pink suede boots are going to make your budget super happy! Since I too am on a budget (who’s not) and concentrate on finding cute affordable things that are in style, I hesitated on whether or not the clothing site we hear much about was actually “affordable”. I mean often times we see a clothing site that claims to be “affordable” but their affordable is $50 and up. I am not saying I want things for a dollar, but I am a mother that does want certain things and can not really splurge all the time, so $50 for a shirt is out of my picture. Anyways all this to say that is a site worth checking out because lets face it, I got these cute ass pink boots (and I’m not into pink but it was worth the try!) for only $19.32!!! I know right! and they do not charge for shipping or tax, which is double the fun in shopping. I highly recommend checking it out and you might checkout a thing or three while you are there 🙂


NA-KD pink suede boots/H&M sweater/H&M faux leather skirt

Much Love,

Karen ❤


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