I choose to be French




I remember when I was little many adults would always tell us consistently to be who ever we wanted to be. Well, I decided to take that word of advice and actually put it to the test. I, being a 20 something year old decided to go out in my most ultimate french attire I could come up with (I don’t really own many striped shirts, sigh) and walk around the streets of Long Beach, Ca. Of course, you guessed it, I got so many eyes following me everywhere I turned. But I was very shocked to see an older lady that looked to be in her mid 60’s wearing a red beret which made me feel that I was not alone in this lol. So my word of advice is to try different things every once in a while, especially because life can become a routine at some point and adding some spice can defiantly get you out of that blackhole. It’s never too late to try something entirely new, even when it comes to your wardrobe.


Forever 21 beret // Tommy Hilfiger poncho // Sam Edelman knee-high boots

Much Love,

Karen ❤


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