Dress Layering



She In Polka Dot Dress

Hello everyone! Ok, I know what many of you may be thinking, how can she be wearing that chunky sweater in a 90 degree weather!? Well, I of course shot this during sunset, but it still was hot, any who I wanted to do this post to show how we can start layering dresses for fall/winter. It may seem as if fall or even winter might not come at all to Cali, but it doesn’t hurt to try and mix different textures. I specifically love this dress due to its simplicity, yet edgy look (and the price is unbeatable!). If you want to see the complete dress, click here. I chose a chunky grey sweater because well it’s the only one I have, but it does compliment it very well. I found that by layering the dress with a sweater, I felt more comfy and warm (more than what I wanted to be at the time lol). What do you guy’s think of this layering?



Much Love,

Karen ❤


5 thoughts on “Dress Layering

  1. I obsess over looks like this! So effortless yet so stylish and and on trend! I especially love the chunky grey sweater!! Kinda to die! Maybe you can check out my blog I just recently stared and I’ll be glad to exchange likes on post we like each other’s and a follow


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