Sweater Dress Weather



It starting to become sweater weather here in Cali, but then again its not, so its very confusing. Any who, I will pretend like the weather will stay as it is right now, which is really dark and cloudy. Of course this calls for some good sweater dresses, and I just so happened to find the perfect one at Ross Dress for Less this past weekend. I was just browsing the dress section when I saw it on the four-way (which is where they put the same style in different sizes, so lucky us!) and I immediately gravitated towards it. I always check to see if the material will feel sticky or scratchy on the inside, and if it does I won’t take it, no matter how cute it is. Luckily for me, it was super soft inside. I love the way it makes you feel warm and doesn’t accentuate much of your body, which is good if you are a tad bit insecure about certain areas. But, overall I was very pleased with it and will probably keep mixing it up in my wardrobe, we’ll see what I come up with next, but until then I suggest you go get your hands on this one because its a true keeper!


ALTERNATIVES: American Eagle OutfittersRSVPMauve Black StripeForever 21 Heels


Much Love,

Karen ❤



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