Make Me Chic Polka Dot Dress

Make Me Chic Dresses

Make Me Chic Polka Dot Dress

Make Me Chic Polka Dot Dress

Long Beach Fashion Blogger

Ok, so I think I have become very obsessed with off-the-shoulder dresses! I can’t put an end to it, and it’s also a summer trend that keeps making its mark, well maybe just with me, but today I am here to talk about this beautiful white polka dot dress from Make Me Chic. I can not imagine wearing any other dress this summer except for this one. As much as I loved this SheIn dress, I really had to get another off-the-shoulder dress. Make Me Chic is a new brand line from SheIn, which is similar but provides great deals on gorgeous clothes. I absolutely had to try out their line and it was no surprise how great their clothing is. This dress is perfect for summer nights, and whether you pair it with heels or wedges, you still look gorgeous no matter what. One thing I really love and appreciate is the fact that it is not see through. I love that they take the time to make those little details for the customers. Over all I enjoy wearing this dress during the day time and nights and suggest you go check it out! I know you will love it, and so will your friends.

Much Love,

Karen ❤


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