Jean Skirt

Forever 21 Jean Skirt

Stylish Denim Skirt

Forever 21 Platform Sandals

Forever 21 White T-Shirt

Last year jean skirts were flying thru the roof and although I was very interested in wearing that trend, I somehow kept avoiding it. I would see many fashion bloggers on Instagram wearing them and styling them in so many different ways that I could not resist looking them up online. The only problem was that the jean skirts that they were promoting were CRAZY expensive! ( I’m talking $30 and up). Being on a budget was a hard thing for me, especially when I was dying to wear the trend, but I pulled myself together and made it out lol.

Ever since then, I made sure I found the most affordable jean skirt. This jean skirt, I made sure was perfect for everyone. I can’t get enough of  it and I am just paring it with almost everything! Its super affordable (just $12!) and its just an essential piece of clothing you must have in your closet. Jean skirts are making their way back each year, regardless if they aren’t being promoted, but sticking with classic pieces will really make a difference in your style. If I were you I would make get my hands on this jean skirt because it will come in handy for any occasion, and especially in this summer heat.

Much Love,

Karen ❤


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