The Perfect Affordable Dress & Romper for Summer

I have always loved dresses that are flowy along with rompers that keep you cool at the same time. And I also love the fact of one just putting on a dress and adding some shoes and accessories and being out the door in a matter of minutes. Its very time consuming to be starring at your closet wondering what on earth will you wear and how you will wear it, while also keeping the weather in mind (ugh tedious right?) But what I genuinely love is finding dresses at an affordable price.

They say that what is cheap will eventually turn out to be more in the end due to the material not being properly handled etc. But I can definitely assure you will not only love the price, but the feel and look of these items once on.


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WEARING: Patterned Maxi Dress / Tribal Romper


The Chic Yellow Dress


The weather is heating up and I can feel the sun burn straight through my skin, even when its not exactly 90 degrees. Summer is finally arriving and I can’t wait to head to the beach, but first, shopping is on my list and I can’t explain the obsession I’ve been having with polka dots. Its so tempting and I feel like I’m filling up my closet with pure polka dots but I can’t complain about this cute yellow dress! (also comes in red!)

I love the way it wraps around at the edge creating that vintage look. All I need is to take it for a spin at the beach and wear some cute 80’s sunglasses lol oh and a vintage car hehe.

Pairing it with sneakers and a jean jacket sure makes it look more laid back and casual, which is also what I love about it. Dress it up or down and its still chic no matter what! This momma sure needs more pieces like these. Shop it by clicking the link below.





I can’t believe spring is now turning into summer! It’s so exciting because I can’t wait to bring out my bathing suits to play. And speaking of summer, Polka dots are my current obsession right now and I think it fits the whole summer theme, but over all I’m just so into polka dots (please tell me you are too lol).

A recent one Ive been loving is this gorgeous off the shoulder top but with a collar top. I don’t know what it is but it caught my eye and I find it super chic and sophisticated at the same time. Running around after my son and cookie, (our newest family member) is a ton of work and I really need tops that I can just post on and look chic without even trying.





Im definitely looking forward to wearing this top all summer long. 🙂

Self Care with FLORA BLOOM


As the time goes by I start to realize that nothing is more important than showing ourselves true love by taking care of our health. There have been certain circumstances that I have encountered these past years and they have led me to see how important vitamins, exercise and proper eating can do to our bodies. That is why I am very pleased to say that during this past month I started to take more in mind my health as well as my vaginal health. UTIs are very tough to deal with ( I still remember my first one and it was horrible) and there are certain factors that lead up to them, but nothing sounds better than a huge rescue by FLORA BLOOM Women’s Health Probiotic pills.


Since I started testing them out, I have noticed less pain in my abdominal area. I usually tend to have pain and feel lots of gas and discomfort, but I must say that I feel much better and feel lighter than before. Its truly a great product and I can’t recommend it enough! The best part is that it is super affordable! Seriously! I can not deal with over priced vitamins and when I see affordable ones (that actually do their job) I am drawn in an instant.

Being pain free, feeling less gas, and having a better time digesting my food, is extremely worth trying out Intimate Rose FLORA BLOOM Women’s Probiotic pills. Don’t let time pass by any longer, start taking care of your body and feel the difference!






When putting together an outfit I am always drawn to the final touches. It always varies from accessories to sunglasses. Each time I always make sure to put a lot of effort into every outfit because its the message I am trying to get across that matters the most to me. Nothing makes a difference in an outfit if it all looks the same, and many times the most captivating part of an outfit are the sunglasses.

One of the most skillfully crafted glasses I have come across have been by WARBY PARKER. They make the best glasses, and prescribed ones as well. It’s the craft that I am most drawn to that makes the difference for me. Their newest edition called MAKERS EDITION focuses on the craftsmanship that is done specifically by hand. Handcrafted in Fukui, Japan where only the best eyewear is made, it has also been home to the worlds first titanium glasses! Pretty cool right!? No one deserves the credit of these stunning glasses except for the makers themselves. For me, it is always about giving back and I am so glad a company like WARBY PARKER takes the time to think about those who give it their all behind the scenes.

So take the time to browse your favorite piece and make your outfit stand out while giving back to the Makers themselves.




The Perfect Skirt For Spring

While I am enjoying a bit of the gloomy days, I still look forward to the days where the sun will be out and about until the end of the day. I find it hard at times to plan around the weather, especially if Im planning on shooting a nice outfit, because it does interfere with your mood and your skins sensitivity (I’m talking goosebumps on a cold day while wearing nothing but a cute shirt and jeans). But, I must say that I won’t be minding that feeling anymore because I have found the perfect (and affordable!) skirt to go with anything you decide to wear!


This skirt has that velvety feeling and does keep your upper thighs warm. I have only recently paired it with sneakers and I must say its the greatest feeling ever when you wear something super comfy and at the same time it does not look like you just stepped out of the house not knowing how to match your outfit (thats me at times). So, I will definitely keep on experimenting with it and keep bringing you loves some more ideas!




Much love, Karen ❤

Simple #MomUniform with @JESLA_STYLES

Hi there! I am so excited and happy to announce that I am collaborating with a great fellow fashion mom blogger friend of mine, Jessica Lares (find her on Instagram @jesla_styles). Since mom life can be hard at times, having the time to pick out an outfit each day can be even more stressful. So, I decided to collaborate with Jessica and I asked her to create a whole look dedicated specifically to all the moms out there in order to facilitate the chore of getting dressed. #MomUniform is a real thing and we are here to help solve and inspire the task of getting dressed because all moms deserve to look good no matter how tired we may be 🙂

I hope you enjoy our #momuniform looks!

LOOK #1 Twisted Touch






I love to always look stylish, but there will always be days where I much rather prefer to be in my pajamas and just not go out at all. But I know that if I allow myself to fall into that bad habit, it’ll eventually affect my mood and behavior. So to make it all much easier, I have noticed how easily a trench coat can make a HUGE difference in my appearance. A simple t-shirt with jeans and flats is all you need to finish the look. Easy right?! And for those days where touching up your hair is a no no, try doing a braided pony tail. It works super well and you will be out the door in no time! Try it and you will be hooked on wearing it non stop.

SHOP THIS LOOK: click here



Hope you enjoyed these simple hacks on improving #momuniform 🙂