I choose to be French




I remember when I was little many adults would always tell us consistently to be who ever we wanted to be. Well, I decided to take that word of advice and actually put it to the test. I, being a 20 something year old decided to go out in my most ultimate french attire I could come up with (I don’t really own many striped shirts, sigh) and walk around the streets of Long Beach, Ca. Of course, you guessed it, I got so many eyes following me everywhere I turned. But I was very shocked to see an older lady that looked to be in her mid 60’s wearing a red beret which made me feel that I was not alone in this lol. So my word of advice is to try different things every once in a while, especially because life can become a routine at some point and adding some spice can defiantly get you out of that blackhole. It’s never too late to try something entirely new, even when it comes to your wardrobe.


Forever 21 beret // Tommy Hilfiger poncho // Sam Edelman knee-high boots

Much Love,

Karen ❤


Lookin For Spring

Floral jacket


Wow where does time go! Its already 2017 and I’m barley writing my first blog post lol. 2016 sure was filled with a lot of surprises, but I’m really looking forward for this year, and of course spring. I know we all were excited for winter when it was fall, but now I’m really looking forward to the floral textures and the rising of the temperatures, so I of course am already whipping out my springiest jacket I have to get into the spirit (and to make me forget it’s freezing cold).


Shein jacket / Shein bell sleeve shirt / Zara low heels

Much Love,

Karen ❤





Back To Black




When there are times we do not know what to wear, black should always be the first color on our minds. It makes everything blend together, and effortlessly. It also, and is probably the greatest thing ever, makes you look super slim. I mean, we all need that extra skinniness at times, and whats even better is that you get a touch of sophistication added to your outfit. I for one, am planning on incorporating dark colors this fall/winter, and yes it might look like I’m lazy not trying to mix other colors, but I think it’s a perfect palette for these gloomy days to come. So whip out your darkest colors, and heck even wear your darkest  lipsticks as well! Happy Monday!


SHEIN Flared Pants/SHEIN two piece topLULUS three strap heels

Much Love,

Karen ❤


Striped Layering



Stripped vest outfit

Incorporating spring/summer items for fall can be beneficial. I always try to do as much layering as I possibly can, with out it looking too over put. I have found that instead of just wearing a simple long sleeve sweater, or a sweater with a blazer that looks like its for the snow, you can add a monochromatic long sleeveless vest. Mixing things up for fall and winter sure does add some spice to any outfit. What type of layering is your style?


H&M Sleeveless Shirt Vest (SOLD OUT)Alternative

Much Love,

Karen ❤

Green velvet dress outfit

Velvety Feeling



Velvet Streetstyle

Okay, who is guilty of following fashion trends? (raising my hand, its cool if you are too lol) I sometimes can’t hold back on following the trend, but only if it actually screams my name (not literally) in a way that says I can pull it off. So, with that said I was pulled into the velvet dress trend. I could not stay away from getting one because I have always been a big fan of the velvet texture. And, the fact that there are multiple colors that actually go with you no matter your skin color, thats amazing. I love finding affordable clothes, and this dress was not an exception. The only con I see is that it is backless, and a wee bit high on the thigh. But don’t let that stop you from wearing what you want, its just my personal preference.



Much Love,

Karen ❤


Dark for Fall



Monday is back and we are ready to tackle it! Well, sort of. I dislike the feeling of monday’s but what does cheer me up, and hopefully it can do the same for you, is the feeling of getting your closet stocked up on dark “necessities”. What I mean by that is dark turtle necks, sweaters, faux leather jackets (unless you are rich, lucky you!), and of course my fav, knee high boots! I currently am obsessing over these Sam Edelman  boots that are on sale now for only $50!!. They are the perfect weapon for any outfit, and it gives you killer leg feels 😉 I won’t stop wearing them anytime soon, as well as my new comfy Jones faux leather jacket.

What are you favorite dark colored fall items?


SAM EDELMAN Boots (MAJOR SALE!), Jones New York Jacket (similar here)

Much Love,

Karen ❤







We are half way through the week, which means the weekend will call for a great outfit to wear to brunch, church, you name it. So, I decided to try something new that does not rely on denim jeans, but rather white jeans. I know it can be a tad risky, but it never hurts to try, and after all no one is perfect (so a little spill won’t make you un-human). I would’ve gone for heels, but from time to time it’s good to give our feet some rest. Zara has the best and cutest low inch heels that makes any outfit look stylish and sophisticated. Adding a color blocked blouse or sweater will make the whole outfit stand out. Whatever gets you comfortable will always show and make the outfit 10x’s better.


LEVIS Mid Waist / FOREVER 21 Color blocked blouse (similar)

Much Love,

Karen ❤